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On the move again

dscf4185.jpgI am currently sitting in the Myrtle Beach airport and I will be flying to Ft Lauderdale within the hour. I have a planned long layover there and tonight I fly into the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico. Then a short drive to Salinas, where Seneca is. It has been nearly three months since I have seen her and I will not deny a small cloud of anxiety floating in the back of my head. As I look out at the sun rising here, I think about seeing the sun rise on my boat tomorrow morning. When I step onto her tomorrow it will be exactly one year ago that I left the dock at dawn from Reedville, Virginia.
What an amazing year it has been. Six months of living on SENECA and the last six months back on land living with and visiting family and friends. My first dog Leah will not be with me on the first leg of this trip. She will be staying here in the loving comfort of my Mom.
We saw a small frost on the ground here the other day and that along with the beginning of the NBA season means I must hurry south away from TV’s, pressurized showers, grocery stores and cold weather.
The trip that I set out on a year ago now continues. What took me six months of meandering down the coast and through the islands will take me a mere six hours in the air. First, I must evaluate the condition of Seneca, get her ship shape, and then raise the sails and push on to some of the islands that I visited years ago and have dreamed of since and to many other islands that I have only seen on brochures and heard about in Buffet songs.
My next post will be from Salinas with a cold Medallia Light in my hand and looking out on my home.


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  1. Yeah – back on Seneca! We are all waiting to hear the latest installment of your continuing adventure at sea!
    Seeing KC with you and our sisters was the highlight of my summer! We love you and miss you! Happy Sailing!!!

    KEJ say YOU ROCK!

    Comment by Kelly | November 19, 2007 | Reply

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Joe! I am very excited about spending the holiday at your sister’s with my family as well.. Brings back memories of holidays past. Glad to hear Leah is doing better. I know your mom will take great care of her and give her lots of love! Enjoy your trip, will keep up on your posts. Miss you! Robin

    Comment by Robin | November 21, 2007 | Reply

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