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So I have been on St John for over a month now. My time on St john has been great. There is more work than I could have imagined and I have had no trouble making money. I will be staying here for at least through the spring with the occasional hopefully weekly sails throughout the British Virgin Islands. I have sailed to Jost Van Dyke three times and stayed for a total of five nights. I can now make it there without looking at the charts. I spent New Years at Jost Van Dyke. I got there on Saturday morning and I was one of six boats in Great Harbor. I oasised up as far as I could and got a good spot. By Sunday I counted 118 boats and by monday I have to think there were well over 300. I spent all three days walking over to White bay and hanging out at Soggy Dollar. I worked on my ring toss game and met tons of cool people every day. Of course Mic Penn, the bartender, kept the painkillers and beers coming and I chipped away at the tab that my buddy Pete had called in for me from NJ! Thanks again Peter. At night I would walk back over the hill and hang out at Corsairs, a really cool biker bar and down at Foxy’s. It was really fun to watch the island get ready for Foxy’s ‘Old Years Party’ It seemed anyone who had the desire built a little lean-to bar on the beach and sat around with a cooler and a bottle of rum. For two and a half days Seneca remained the closest boat to Foxy’s! Sunday night as I sat my boat on reading I was disturbed by a boat about my size wandering around the anchorage as the couple on board screamed at each other. He on the bow and she at the wheel, they attempted to anchor four different times until the decided on spot. It was one of the best ‘anchor dances’ I had seen. When I awoke I saw them pulling up anchor again and drop very close to me still yelling at one another “port….reverse… starboard..drop the f&^%ing anchor”They seemed far enough away not to hit me so I went in to the beach. I did not return until 12:30 am and found their stern up against my bow. They had moved yet again. There was not much wind so the bumping was more annoying than damaging so I put out some fenders and waited for them to come home. When they did, I kindly informed them that their boat was touching mine. I was stunned when she, obviously drunk, began screaming at me and telling me that it was my fault. Unable to argue with stupidity and drunken stupidity at that, I calmly replied that I had been there for three days and that really got her going about how I had no idea how to anchor or sail or…. splash! she fell off her dinghy and went for a swim. Holding back my laughter I listened to her continue from the water and then he started in on me telling me that I messed with the wrong guy. They finally pulled in ten feet of their anchor rode and that allowed them to swing a foot from me for the rest of the night and half the next day. There was really nothing for me to do but laugh. no damage done just made for an akward morning having coffee and trying not to talk to someone so close. Anyway, New Years was fun, I had a great four days over there. Today I am back on St John and back to work.
So happy New Year to all. It is one year since Seneca left the US. Hope this year is as great as the last. I am not moving for awhile so come visit.


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  1. Happy New Year! Glad you did not continue to argue with the drunken stupid people. After all the great things you have told us about the people you have met it sucks that such an ugly couple started 2008 for you. At least you laughed about it! I am filling out the paperwork this month for our passports and looking into booking a trip – can’t wait!

    Comment by Kelly | January 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. Joe,
    Good talking to you tonight. Sounds like you are having a blast as usual. I look forward to coming down soon. Save some Jager for me.

    The Captain

    Comment by Captain | January 5, 2008 | Reply

  3. 1\128 joe baby, my daughter dawana visited this weekend here in c’ville and said she caught a few lines with ya!!!
    world is a small little place when ya sometimes think about it bra!! well, my wife lisa and i are starting to firm up plans to be in st. john this june or july—gonnna make it our 8th visit—if all goes well gonna get a house for a week in coral bay area—gonna have to hook up for a few chilly ones at skinnies or island blues–and let’s grill out one nite!!!
    take care, sail on, and catch the green flash for us—and i don’t mean looking thru a couple of empty “greenie” bottles either–later jim

    Comment by jim roland ST. MAARTEN CAFE | January 14, 2008 | Reply

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