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Back to the islands

This morning I am in Myrtle beach airport about to start my trip back down to St. John.  I will fly on two different planes, take a taxi, ride a ferry, and finally catch a bus (or hitchhike) to Coral Bay, St John, where SENECA is waiting for me. Should take just over 12 hours.  Not bad considering it took me over six months to sail there.   I leave behind hot showers, comfortable beds, running water, refrigeration, and (thankfully) TV.I had a really wonderful two weeks.  I drove hundreds of miles and got to see all of my family and most of my friends, including the new little babies.  Even saw a little bit of snow.  I flew into Myrtle Beach, drove to Lynchburg Va, then to Charlottesville Va, then back to Myrtle, Then Back to Charlottesville, then to Harrisburg PA, then to Oceanport NJ, and finally all the way back down to Myrtle Beach.   It was worth every mile to see everyone.dscf3702.jpgMy buddy Pete and his parents will be down there in a couple days.  I cannot wait for that, seeing Pete down in the Virgins is always great.  I cannot wait to get back on the boat and go sailing.  Then next week I have to find some work, which is really not a problem.  Swing a hammer make some cash and go sailing every chance I get. I have a few more friends lined up to come down this spring.  Kate and Eric, Seneca’s original crew, will be down in April and I am already really excited for that.  So it has been a great vacation, now I must return to that daily grind.dscf4222_1.jpg  


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  1. Hey Joe,

    I’m in Coral Bay right now. Went to Skinny Legs last night. I’m staying w/ friends who live here. I’ll be out on “Breath” today which is owned by my friend Peter and pretty well known around these parts. Hope to see you out there. That would be wild.


    Comment by Jami | February 10, 2008 | Reply

  2. Sorry I missed you!!! email me @

    Comment by seejoesail | February 16, 2008 | Reply

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