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It has been nearly a month since I updated this and a lot has happened. I have to begin with some sad news. This past month my Uncle Tom and Cousin Robin both passed away. It was extremely hard not to be up there with my family through this. Both Robin and Uncle Tom were two of my biggest ‘supporters’ of this trip. They followed this blog regularly and they were both planning trips down to see me this spring. I will miss them both very much. they were wonderful people and had great lives. I guess that brings me to what has been going on down here and how this has motivated me to savor every minute of every day. I have seized every opportunity to sail on my boat or my friends. We sailed three night sails including during the lunar eclipse. I went to Tortolla and Anegada last weekend and sailed six new friends to Jost Van Dyke this past Sunday. I have made new friendships and solidified old ones. I moved my boat around so that I can now look down on it from the jobsite I work at. I began a weekly potluck on my boat in the harbor. I have started the Virgin Island Hash House Harriers and we run the first Hash this Sunday (for those of you unfamiliar with it, it is the ‘drinking club with a running problem’ that has been a big part of my life back in Va) and finally I asked a girl out that I have been interested in. So it has been a sad month in many ways and it has also motivated me in some small tribute to them to Live Life to the Fullest. I will miss you Robin and Uncle Tom…


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  1. Living life well is the best tribute to them both. We missed having you here with us this past month, but I know if anyone would understand why you are where you are it is Robin and Uncle Tom! I am going to bring Dana with me when I come to visit and we will honor Robin’s wish to see the islands with you. I miss her so much. She was so proud of you! and I know Uncle Tom was also. We love you! I love you and miss you!

    Comment by Kelly | March 16, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi Joe,

    I’m a hasher from Trinidad, now working in Tortola, and was looking to see whether there is a hash in the BVI, when I came across your website. Did you in fact start a hash here in the BVI? If so, I’d love to join; if not I’ll start one! Let me know.



    Comment by Lynette Ramoutar | November 12, 2008 | Reply

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