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SENECA getting a workout

So in the past three weeks I took seven people out on a sunset cruise and rafted up with Cigana, my friends boat who had six people. The crews made up the band Spiritual Res, who was on island for a week playing a few shows.

3.jpgWe loved them and offered to take them sailing. It was a ton of fun. There was banjo and trumpet along with my Uke actually sounding good (in someone elses hands). Then I took six people (five very attractive girls) 2.jpgover to Jost for the day. That trip was the most fun I have had over on My island. This past weekend I took three of my best friends here over to St Croix. We left at 3:00 am on Sat morning and sailed under a full moon due south for 35 miles. That was a far south as SENECA has ever been!!! St Croix was a lot of fun. We anchored right by the main part of town in Christinsted.


We rented a jeep on Sunday and had crazy off-roading day. Monday we sailed back after filling up with cheap gas (2.98 a gallon) and got under way about 10:00 am. A combination of a big greasy breakfast, slight hangovers and

8-10 foot seas with 20+ winds had two of my crew chumming overboard within ten minutes and for the next 7 hours. Luckily Michelle was tougher than the boys and kept from getting sick. She was able to help me out on this really fun sail. I was on a broad reach all day going about 6 knots.

Awesome. I am now getting ready for the arrival of Seneca’s original crew, Kate and Eric. They helped me cross the gulf stream and know they will be down for nine days and we will play in the BVI. Then My cousin Mary comes for a week! April will be fun.


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  1. What a life you are living! The band sail sounds amazing – how cool. We are in MB and missing you. We are looking forward to your return to the states in a few months (?). But until then keep up all the adventures! Be safe and happy!

    Comment by Kelly | March 29, 2008 | Reply

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