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Back in the groove

After thanksgiving I sailed a friends boat in the Thanksgiving Regatta.  It was an Alberg 35 and I sailed along with Chris Roe and Captain Karl.  We had a blast and finished third.  It was great to be back on the water and I was encouraged even more to get Seneca back in shape.  The next weekend I got Seneca over to a nice anchorage after the nasty process of pulling up the anchor lines.  I then tooak about two hours under water scraping all the growth from the last 6 months.  I got her looking pretty good and was able to get the sails up and sail back into my harbor.  I had a really fun couple of weeks hanging out with Rome and Karl and pretending I was on vacation.

Now I have my tan back.  Seneca is mobile, and life once again is very good.  I picked up a couple of weeks of work at a place I worked out last season.  This past week I moved my boat over to Salt Pond Bay on the south shore and picked up a National Park Mooring Ball.  It is 15 bucks a night, but I can walk to work and swim off my boat in this really pretty anchorage.  )You do not dare swim off the boat in my usual free anchorage in Coral Bay).  The other night I met the family living on the other boat in the harbor and they invited me to dinner aboard.  Wow, it fell likje I was really cruising in the Exumas again.  Sitting in the cockpit over sundowners trading sailing stories.  I remembered why I got into this and I am getting back in the groove.

My phone died the other day and now I am in the process of hitching, taking a ferry, then a safari taxi to get to the At&T store so they can send it away and who knows when I will get it back.  It has actually been kind of nice without the phone.  Well I have to catch a ferry.  Email me if you are trying to get a hold of me.



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  1. Keep living the dream….All I want for Christmas is a really good tan….Miss you!

    Comment by Kelly | December 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hello from (burr) Indiana (3 ladies / Skinny Legs) We had such a great time meeting you, Karl and Chris (rome) at the Thanksgiving Regatta Party. It was the first time in 14 visits to St John that I really felt like a local. We of course are extremely jealous that you are living in our Paradise. The website is fantastic as is the journey you continue to pursue.If you make it to Jost for New Years I hope you will blog the experience (add photos). Wishing you well.

    “As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters.” Seneca


    Comment by Debe C | December 22, 2008 | Reply

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