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Getting things done down here

My friend Chris, who lives aboard Cigana, and I have started saying that living on a boat down here is ‘not all cocktails at sunset.’ To prove that I will go through my day of getting claen laundry and boat stuff. Seneca is currently on a national park mooring ball ($15 bucks a night) in Maho Bay on the north shore of St john. I woke up and made coffee. Good start. Then I put some fins and a snorkel on and went down to scrub Seneca’s )nasty) bottom for an hour because I realized it is still really bad after sitting for a couple weeks. Then I rowed into shore and started to hitchhike into town with my dirty laundry at about 10 o’clock. In cruz Bay i dropped my laundry off and then jumped on a ferry to St Thomas. There I jumped on a Safari taxi and drove 15 minutes to the Kmart. I indulged in a McDonalds Lunch! First stop, auto parts store which had none of the fuel filters or spark plugs i needed. Then Kmart where I bought among other things a new frying pan, socks, and a new pillow. The back on a Safari taxi to a marine store which did not have any of the fuel filters or spark plugs i need. Then a twenty minute walk to another marine store which had a bunch of stuff I needed, but still no filters or plugs. Now it is 3:30 so I grabbed a beer while I wait for the 4 ferry. Back on St john trying to hitch for an hour, finally paying for a cab and rowing back out. Quick shower, row back in , and a  good hitch back into town. A couple of beers at the Tap Room where I pay some bills and do all this internet stuff then a good dinner and pick up my laundry. Now 9:10 and waiting for the last taxi to take me back to my boat where I will row out and sleep soundly on a new pillow, with clean sheets, and in the morning cook pancakes on my new frying pan and then walk a half hour (in my new socks) to try to catch a bus to work. And hopefully on Monday I will get my phone in the mail after nearly a month without it.

It is not all cocktails at sunset

But to be perfectly honest, Most of the time it is.

I have a new pillow and clean sheets, i had a couple of beers and a good dinner. All in all a very productive day although I really would have liked the fliter and plugs.



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  1. A friend of mine just sent me a link you your blog. Good stuff. I totally know what you mean about life aboard not being so fun. I have a 1975 Irwin 30 set on four anchors in Key West. I’ve worked in PR for awhile, then KW, then I ran out of money last month and came back up to Indiana. So how’s the market down there in the BVI’s? I’ve got a friend that wants me to talk with someone she knows in St. Croix about getting a job down there. I just sent in my sea time to upgrade from 50T to 100T. I’d like to get steady work somewhere warm. Any suggestions?

    Comment by Tadd Maudlin | January 6, 2009 | Reply

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