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Great sail to Jost

Last Friday I was really itching to sail. For a couple weekends I worked on boat projects and I was ready to get out. I was thinking of taking a moonlight overnight sail to St Croix, but I met some friends of friends who were on vacation and over a couple of beers decided to sail them to Jost VanDyke. We got an early start on Sat expecting at least a four hour. I motorsailed out of Coral Bay in record time and killed the engine as we rounded the corner. Tracey jumped on the wheel and JC trimmed the sails as we flew down the channel between St John and Tortolla. We got through a couple tiny gusty squalls and cranked the iron jib to get us through the always flukey pass between Great Thatch and Sopers Hole. When we got clear wind to Jost we were pushing along at nearly 6 knots on a beam reach. Awesome. Seneca made it in three hours! After checking in we went to White bay where the swell was throwing breaking waves over the reef, swam in to the Soggy Dollar and had a great day. At sunset we motored back around to The more comfortable Great Harbor and headed into Corsairs for a great dinner. The next morning we decided to sail back early as the winds were really picking up. We were making great time home when I tacked and the boom came away from the mast. A bolt had broken off the gooseneck and the boom was flying around. JC jumped right up there and loosened the lines and grabbed it. I jumped below and grabbed the tools and hardware he called for and then we both got it back on and secured while still uderway in 25knot winds and heavy chop. We made it back to Coral Bay in two tacks and a jibe and in just under four hours. All in all, it was a great sailing weekend and another fun day on Jost


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  1. Wow. I hardly understood a word of the technical talk. It sounded pretty exciting. My favorite part would be the Soggy Dollar swim.

    Hope Flat Stanley arrives soon! Love and miss you!

    Comment by Big Sister Kelly | February 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. I want to see the happy hour version of Flat Stanley photos! Sounds like a great sail!

    Comment by other sister Ali | February 15, 2009 | Reply

  3. AAHRRR..’twas an honor to crew for the mighty Seneca and its fearless skipper. We will keep the dram then anchor tradition alive in the coastal waters of Maine. Thanks for the Caribbean tour!

    Comment by JC Neel | February 16, 2009 | Reply

  4. Arrrh! It’s always “Talk like a Pirate Day” in Joe’s world!

    Comment by TitsiePop | February 20, 2009 | Reply

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