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I left St John at 6:00 on Sat morning as I wanted to.  I had a great sail over to Culebra in 20 knot winds and 3-5 seas.  It is really nice to be going WITH the tradewinds.  I did go through some squalls just as I entered the harbor, but going down wind it was never a problem .  I still came into the well marked harbor under full sail after nine hours.  This being my first time to Culebra I am taking a couple days to explore, work on some boat projects and it looks like I will wait for better weather towards the middle of the week.  My first night here I went looking around town and a happy hour.  Found one and even got invited out to a great dinner on a fellow boaters boat.  Yesterday I walked across the island to the beautiful  Playa de Flemenco.  It is a mile long crescent beach that the military used to use for operations and target practice.  There are a couple of tanks right on the beach left over from that time. The long walk back home was instead a great ride in the back of a pickup truck with 6 other Puerto Ricans returning from the beach who stopped and told me to jump in.  I am finding my Spanish very laking even after hours of watching Telemundo  at Segundo’s happy hour this winter.  Last night at happy hour at the Dinghy Dock i met a few of the local cruisers and liveboards.  It was really great to be back in this group swapping stories.  Very friendly people on what seems to be a very cool island. This morning I found wifi at a great little bakery and I am happily drinking strong black coffee and eating great toast.  Tomorrow I will take a fast ferry to Puerto Rico, or ‘the big island’ and check out the western city of Fajardo.  My computer is telling me that it is full so i cannot load any more pics until I spend some time deleting some old ones.  I will try and do that soon.


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  1. Jealous that you got to see the Spanish Virgin Islands!

    Comment by Eric | April 28, 2009 | Reply

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