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I always say that I am single-handing Seneca back up but the truth is there is an invaluable crew member, Gilbert, that has been with me for years.  Glibert is the name of my autopilot.  He is a st4000 Autohelm that has given me years of service, but Gilbert has been sick.  He has been acting up lately and I have decided to send him in to the factory for repairs once I diagnosed the problem as something I cannot fix.  It would be foolish to try the 1400 mile sail without a working autohelm.  So it looks as if I will be enjoying the Spanish Virgin Islands and the south coast of Puerto Rico for a few days.  It turns out there is a system of heavy winds and squalls hanging around for the next few days as well.  Safe sailing is a product of good decisions and  hanging around here for a few days is one of the good ones.  Originally I had planned on only provisioning in PR and rushing up to the Bahamas and although I am still longing to see the Bahamas again I have realized this area is worth as much time as I can spend here and more.  Now I am going to get ready for a short sail tomorrow and some snorkeling and spearfishing on Culebrita, then down to Vieques to one of the worlds brightest bioluminescent bays.


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  1. glad to see you’re on the move again. maybe we’ll run into you in the Bahamas or Florida next fall. we just put Summer Breeze back on the hard at Indiantown, up the St.Lucie River. We spent the winter back in the Exumas and the Berrys; our 5th winter cruising. If you want to check it out, our blog is
    let us know how your st4000 repair comes out ($); we have the same auto. we finally joined the 21st century by purchasing a Garmin 440s GPS this season…wow! what a treat! stay in touch……..jim & nancy
    ps -Abaco passed away in Key West a year ago; hug Leah for us

    Comment by jim & nancy/Summer Breeze | May 6, 2009 | Reply

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