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Nesting Dinghy

I chose to build a Two-Paw 8, an eight foot nesting dinghy designed by B&B yachts. I ordered the plans months ago and stared at them, then put them on a shelf and out of my mind. Towards the end of this summer my thoughts returned to boats (along with a lot of prodding from my friend Eric) and I dusted off the plans and forged ahead. I ordered the epoxy and cloth from the designer and I had to special order the marine grade plywood from a lumber yard.
With enough material to start Eric, his son Morgan and I got to work laying out the panels to be cut from the ply. If your not familiar with the stitch and glue technique, then you would have been right with me. The basic idea is panels are cut out of plywood and then you drill pairs of holes in alone the side and stitch ( I used plastic wire ties) the panels together until you have what looks like a boat. There is a bit of prying and pushing and clamping involved. When your happy with the shape you check some measurements and diagonal measurements to ensure it is nice and square. Then you mix the two part epoxy and thicken it with silica powder to peanut butter consistency. The epoxy is then put on the interior seams in between the ties.


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