Follow Joe and Leah aboard SENECA

Back on SENECA

I am back in South Carolina and I am working on SENECA. She
has been up on the hard for nearly 15 months now and this is the
first time I have been in a year. I have been up in Virginia
working. While she is dry I have a couple pressing projects and
then a long list of ‘If I Have Time And Money, projects. The first
thing was to mess around with the stuffing box and there is an old
style gate thru-hull that makes me uncomfortable. I will also give
my atomic 4 some much needed attention. Then a good purging of crap
that I have been holding onto for the past four years! My good
friend Shawn lives down here and has been itching to help me work
on her. I will post more pics and updates in the next couple weeks.
My plan is to go back in the water mid Jan and then head south.
Shawn will join me for a couple weeks and I will either head to the
Florida Keys or Bahamas for a month or two. I also have a new boat
dog! Marley is my new white boxer puppy.

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