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Working on SENECA

Ahhhhhh, to be back messing about on boats. While I had
SENECA out of the water I needed to replace one of the thru hulls.
I had one old style valve thru hull that I never felt comfortable
with. It was the out for my head and before I went off shore and
opened it I am sure that thing had not been touched in decades. I
though it would be a pretty big job to replace it. When I put a
pipe wrench on it one of the side covers actually fell off in my
hands. This would have been disastrous if it happened when I was at
sea. There was no way it was going to be unscrewed so I happily cut
through it with a sawsall and a few hammer swings got it out. Shawn
and I installed the new hunk of bronze in the other day and I could
not be happier knowing that is down there. I thought the hose that
makes up my stuffing box was going to have to be replaced, which
would require removing the entire propeller shaft, but in further
inspection there was just a tiny bit of flaking of that thick hose.
I gave it two very thick layers of rescue tape and I am very
comfortable with that as well. Those were the big ‘make sure the
boat floats’ projects and they went a lot more smoothly than I
anticipated. Most of my energies have been devoted to the engine.
The old Atomic 4 was running pretty decent when I last ran it, but
I knew it deserved some attention. After all it has been extremely
reliable for me in all of my journeys. First I had to curve up the
batteries to see if they still had life in them. Ten I did an
muriatic acid flush of the cooling system to get the loose rust and
crap out. Compression seems good so I simply changed out the plugs
and Shawn and I converted the distributor to an electronic ignition
so I will not need to mess with points again. new distributor cap,
button and coil. I took the water pump totally off and changed the
gaskets and impeller. I took the exhaust off and changed the gasket
and flushed out the muffler. I had to take apart and rebuild, and
then replace the electric fuel pump. I tore down the carb and
rebuilt that with new gaskets. The same with the fuel filter. Oil
change. I figured there was a lot of sediment in the fuel tank so I
went ahead and removed it and flushed it out. When I did that the
fuel line broke off in my hands. Another possible disaster avoided.
The entire fuel line got replaced. And I got into the lower end of
the engine and tightened the reversing gear, or transmission. Two
weeks ago I had only touched half of that stuff on the engine. Now
I am comfortable messing around with any of it. I cranked the
engine and it did turn over however briefly. I have not had a day
for Shawn and I to fire it up and fine tune it. So as you can see
SENECa is getting some much deserved attention.

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