Follow Joe and Leah aboard SENECA

Ready to go!

SENECA will be starting south tomorrow. My good friend Shawn, who has helped me on every phase of this refit, will be joining me for a couple weeks as we migrate down to Florida. Also on board is my puppy Marley. She was getting used to the boat the other day sporting her cool life jacket and even took a spin in the new dinghy.
Over the past couple of weeks I have done a ton of work:
Installing two solar panels attaching them to the bimini framework
Wiring up the panels through a mppt charge controller
Frying the first mppt charger by mixing up positive and negative
Installing all new batteries one starter and two deep cell house batts
Picked up the restitched sails form NorthSails in Charleston
Put the sails back on
Hoisted myself up the stuck halyard with a couple of Rusick ascending knots and
Smacking the masthead with a hammer to free up the jammed halyards (really cool)
Some new shelves inside
Installed netting around the lifelines to keep the dog in
My mom sewed new privacy screens for the cockpit
Looked over and repaired all my ground tackle
Got a new outboard made by a guy in Fl from a weedwacker/chainsaw engine
Rebuilt the head (nasty). Thanks for the help Shawn
Among other things

You should be able to follow my progress via GPS SPOT by following this link

Check with you soon

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