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Short trip south – part 2

Shawn, Marley and I crashed hard and woke up on the city dock in downtown Savannah. We knew we were gonna hang out for at least the day and recover. I kept telling him, ” tonight I just want to be dry and drunk”. It was still freezing cold especially for Savannah. Everything on the boat was wet. We hung things out everywhere then walked around the city a bit and enjoyed being of terra firma. Found a bartender I know who fed me bloody Mary’s although in truth we were still too out of it to fully enjoy he night in the big city. I took a look at the sails, the weather, the calendar and my bank account and came to the realization that this was as far south as we were going to make it. Shawn who is up for anything obviously was bummed as I was for not making it to Fl, but was fine with helping me get her back up to SC. We spent another day in Savannah, making friends with Arthur, a great old salty cruiser who was on the dock with us and even found a local hash group to run with that day. The next day we started out trip north on the ICW. It was cold and wet most of the trip.


We made the best of it. Found a bar to watch the superbowl through the windows. Watched. Few movies inside Seneca with surround sound and jiffy pop! We ended up bringing her up to Osprey Marina where I had been once before. I had hopes of getting her back up to the Chesapeake, but I would have to head back to VA and work for a bit before that happens. Turns out Seneca would sit in that great marina for the next twelve months until I could come down and try to go south again.




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