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Preparing to go south

Now that I am in the water I am putting all the prices together to get back out sailing. This week I mounted my new solar panels. This is very exciting to me because for five years the only way I could charge my batteries was by running the engine and relying on the alternator. The panels will allow me to run a few more things, but mostly I will not have to worry about draining the batts when I am sitting at anchor or sailing with the autopilot. I got them at a great price from a friend in Charlottesville who had extras after setting up panels on his house. They got mounted to the bimini frame above and behind the helm. The Bimini had shredded long ago. They should work out really well there. Had to buy a whole new set of batteries because mine were at the end of their lives and run the panels through a charge controller.
I got netting to go around the boat to help keep Marley, my new super cute boat dog on board. The netting came from a company that makes soccer nets and is nice and heavy duty and they custom cut it to whatever size you want. I got it in black for better uv protection and it looks great too.
Put up some new shelving inside the boat and had my niece Savannah help out priming inside one day.
I should be ready to head out early next week. Shawn , who has been on the boat every day helping me, will join me for the first couple of weeks as we make our may to southern Florida. I only plan on being out a month or so this year. I was always planning on being back mid-march and I ended up taking on a lot more projects than I thought. This being the first time I had my boat on land for four years I could not help attacking all of the things I dreamed of fixing, but could not get to while I was living aboard at anchor. I am really happy with all the work i shave done this winter. I know the boat even better now and I was not sure that was possible. I am really comfortable with all of the systems and the engine after all this work.

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